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2024 Ford Mustang GT Price, Specs & Reviews


The 2024 Ford Mustang introduces a touch of nostalgia with the GT California Special, a delightful appearance package. Priced at $1995, this package transforms the Mustang’s persona with exclusive Rave Blue accents on the grille nostrils and exterior badges, creating a distinct and eye-catching aesthetic. The interior receives a tasteful makeover, adding a touch of sophistication to the driving experience. Embracing the spirit of the iconic California Special, this package pays homage to Mustang heritage while infusing modern design elements. For enthusiasts seeking a blend of heritage and contemporary flair, the GT California Special is a captivating addition to the Mustang lineup.

What’s New for 2024 Ford Mustang GT?

The 2024 Ford Mustang GT California Special emerges as a beacon of style and heritage. Exclusive to the Mustang GT Premium, this iconic coupe starts at $47,610, while the convertible variant begins at $53,110, promising a convertible driving experience that is both thrilling and nostalgic. Opting for the automatic transmission, a seamless $1595 upgrade, enhances the driving dynamics. The Rave Blue accents, a modern twist on a classic design, redefine the visual allure. Echoing the legendary GT/CS legacy since 1968, this Mustang iteration pays homage to its roots, inviting enthusiasts to embark on a journey where contemporary sophistication meets timeless Mustang allure.

Pricing and Which One to Buy

When considering the 2024 Ford Mustang GT California Special, the pricing and the choice between the coupe and convertible are key factors. The coupe starts at an enticing $47,610, while the convertible variant offers top-down freedom at a slightly higher starting price of $53,110. If you’re drawn to the convenience of an automatic transmission, the $1595 upgrade is a worthwhile consideration for enhanced driving dynamics.

For an optimal balance of style and performance, the coupe with manual transmission is an attractive choice. However, if you crave the wind-in-your-hair experience, the convertible adds an extra layer of excitement. Ultimately, the decision rests on personal preferences and driving preferences, ensuring your Mustang experience is tailored to your desires.

Engine, Transmission, and Performance

The heart of the 2024 Ford Mustang GT California Special lies in its performance-focused engine and transmission. While this special edition primarily focuses on aesthetics, the essence of the Mustang’s power remains untouched. The air-intake nostrils on the grille, adorned with Rave Blue details, not only serve a visual delight but hint at the power within. The distinctive horizontal slats and the “GT/CS” badge add a touch of exclusivity. Underneath, the Mustang’s performance legacy continues, ensuring that beyond its visually striking features, the GT California Special delivers the exhilarating drive synonymous with the iconic Mustang name. The dark housing of the headlights further accentuates its bold and dynamic presence.

Fuel Economy and Real-World MPG

2024 Ford Mustang GT California Special captivates with its performance prowess, it also strikes a balance with fuel efficiency. Though precise EPA ratings are pending, the Mustang’s legacy suggests an efficient ride. The allure of Rave Blue accents and GT/CS badging doesn’t compromise on economy. Whether cruising through city streets or on the open highway, this special edition promises a thrilling yet fuel-conscious experience. While the Mustang’s heart roars with power, its efficiency whispers a tale of thoughtful engineering, making the GT California Special not just a feast for the eyes but a prudent choice for those seeking performance without compromising on fuel economy.

2024 Ford Mustang GT Interior, Comfort, and Cargo

In the 2024 Ford Mustang GT California Special, the exterior charm extends to the sides adorned with distinctive decals, elevating its visual allure. Exclusive 19-inch wheels are standard, with the optional Performance Pack adding a touch of flair with Rave Blue pockets. Step inside, and the interior is a symphony of sophistication. Leather seats, dash, and doors feature Raptor Blue and Metal Gray stitching, creating a dynamic contrast. The luxurious Navy Pier upholstery, perforated for added elegance, enhances the overall interior aesthetic. For enthusiasts seeking an extra level of refinement, the option for contrast stitching on the steering wheel and center console adds a bespoke touch, ensuring every detail impresses.


Distinctive Aesthetics: The California Special package enhances the Mustang’s visual appeal with unique Rave Blue details, decals, and exclusive 19-inch wheels.
Performance Legacy: While primarily an aesthetic upgrade, the Mustang GT California Special retains the iconic Mustang performance, ensuring an exhilarating driving experience.
Luxurious Interior: The interior receives a luxurious touch with leather seats, Raptor Blue and Metal Gray stitching, and perforated Navy Pier upholstery.
Personalization Options: Enthusiasts can further customize their experience with options for contrast stitching on the steering wheel and center console.


Primarily Aesthetic: The California Special package focuses primarily on visual enhancements, and some enthusiasts may desire more performance-oriented features.
Potential Cost: While pricing specifics aren’t detailed, opting for the California Special package may add to the overall cost, potentially making it less accessible to budget-conscious buyers.

2024 Ford Mustang GT Infotainment and Connectivity

The 2024 Ford Mustang GT California Special not only thrills with performance but also captivates with cutting-edge infotainment and connectivity. The intuitive and responsive infotainment system promises a seamless driving experience, featuring a user-friendly interface on a vivid display. Standard wireless connectivity options, including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, effortlessly integrate your digital world with the Mustang’s dynamic drive. The immersive sound system elevates every journey, ensuring a symphony of entertainment. From innovative technology to user-centric connectivity, the Mustang GT California Special seamlessly marries exhilarating performance with a tech-savvy cockpit, making each drive a thrilling and connected experience.

2024 Ford Mustang GT Configuration


Powerful V8 engine for exhilarating performance.
Options for manual or automatic transmission.
Available performance packages for enhanced handling and braking.


Distinctive California Special package with unique Rave Blue details.
Decals covering lower body panels.
Exclusive 19-inch wheels, with optional Rave Blue pockets in the Performance Pack.


Leather seats with Raptor Blue and Metal Gray stitching.
Perforated Navy Pier upholstery for added luxury.
Options for contrast stitching on the steering wheel and center console.

Infotainment and Connectivity:

Intuitive infotainment system with a user-friendly interface.
Standard wireless connectivity with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.
Immersive sound system for a premium audio experience.

2024 Ford Mustang GT Safety and Driver-Assistance Features

Automated Emergency Braking: Systems that can apply the brakes in emergency situations to prevent or mitigate a collision.
Lane-Departure Warning and Lane-Keeping Assist: Alerts or intervenes if the vehicle unintentionally drifts out of its lane.
Adaptive Cruise Control: Maintains a set speed and adjusts it to the flow of traffic, often including a stop-and-go function.
Blind-Spot Monitoring: Alerts the driver if there’s a vehicle in the blind spot before changing lanes.
Rearview Camera: A standard feature for enhanced visibility when reversing.

 Warranty and Maintenance Coverage

Limited Warranty: Coverage for a certain period or mileage, often around 3 years or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first.
Powertrain Warranty: Additional coverage for major powertrain components, such as the engine and transmission, usually extending beyond the limited warranty period.
Complimentary Maintenance: Some automakers provide complimentary scheduled maintenance for a specific duration or mileage, covering services like oil changes and inspections.

Final Thoughts

2024 Ford Mustang GT California Special marries iconic style with exhilarating performance. The California Special package brings a nostalgic aesthetic upgrade, featuring unique Rave Blue details, exclusive 19-inch wheels, and distinctive decals. Inside, luxury meets heritage with leather seats, Raptor Blue and Metal Gray stitching, and Navy Pier upholstery. The intuitive infotainment system, complete with wireless connectivity and premium audio, enhances the driving experience. While primarily an aesthetic delight, the Mustang GT California Special promises a thrilling ride, staying true to the Mustang legacy. With a focus on personalization and a balance of power and style, it embodies the essence of a classic American muscle car.

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