2024 Toyota Corolla Cross

2024 Toyota Corolla Cross Price, Specs And Reviews


2024 Toyota Corolla Cross Configuration

Engine and Performance:
Choice of traditional gasoline or hybrid powertrain
Gasoline version: 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine
Horsepower: 169 hp
Torque: 150 lb-ft
Continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT)
Hybrid version: Combines gasoline engine with electric motors for improved efficiency and performance
Interior Comfort and Convenience:
Spacious and comfortable interior design
XLE trim offers premium features:
10-way power-adjustable driver’s seat
Dual-zone automatic climate control
Heated front seats
Leather-wrapped shift knob
Faux-leather upholstery
Flip-down center armrest for rear-seat passengers
Exterior Design:
Sleek and modern design language
Resembles Toyota’s larger SUVs like the RAV4 and Highlander
Sportier trims add visual zest and curb appeal
Warranty and Maintenance Coverage:
Standard warranty coverage:
Limited warranty: 3 years or 36,000 miles
Powertrain warranty: 5 years or 60,000 miles
Complimentary maintenance: 2 years or 25,000 miles
Fuel Economy:
Gasoline version:
31 mpg city, 33 mpg highway
Hybrid version offers even better fuel efficiency
Cargo and Passenger Space:
Ample cargo room, over 12 cubic feet more than the Corolla sedan
Comfortable seating for up to 5 passengers
Optional Packages and Accessories:
Convenience package

What’s New for 2024 Toyota Corolla Cross?

In the latest iteration of the 2024 Toyota Corolla Cross, the LE and XLE trims receive a cutting-edge upgrade: updated Qi wireless charging capabilities. This enhancement ensures seamless connectivity on the go, allowing drivers to power up their devices effortlessly. While maintaining its sleek design and reliable performance, the Corolla Cross continues to set the standard for modern convenience. With minimal changes for the new model year, Toyota reaffirms its commitment to enhancing the driving experience through thoughtful innovation and attention to detail.

Pricing and Which One to Buy

In the world of SUVs priced between $20k and $50k, the 2024 Toyota Corolla Cross stands out, particularly its XLE trim. While we often steer away from top-tier models, the XLE boasts an impressive array of features coveted by discerning buyers. From the luxurious 10-way power-adjustable driver’s seat to the convenience of dual-zone automatic climate control, every detail caters to comfort and functionality. Enhanced safety measures like blind-spot monitoring and front/rear parking sensors further elevate the driving experience, making the Corolla Cross XLE a compelling choice in its class.

Engine, Transmission, and Performance

In the dynamic landscape of SUV options, the 2024 Toyota Corolla Cross presents an enticing proposition with its versatile powertrain choices. While this review focuses on the traditional gasoline variant, it showcases a harmonious blend of reliability and efficiency. Powered by a responsive 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine coupled with a continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT), the Corolla Cross delivers a reassuringly smooth ride. Despite its leisurely acceleration, the vehicle’s refined handling and comfortable interior elevate the driving experience. The optional all-wheel-drive system further enhances traction and stability, instilling confidence on diverse terrains. With its dependable performance and practical design, the Corolla Cross emerges as a compelling choice for drivers seeking a well-rounded and enjoyable SUV experience.

Fuel Economy and Real-World MPG

2024 Corolla Cross boasts impressive fuel economy estimates, clocking in at 31 mpg in the city and 33 mpg on the highway. Opting for the all-wheel drive variant marginally adjusts these figures to 29 mpg city and 32 mpg highway. During rigorous testing, the Corolla Cross with all-wheel drive achieved a commendable 30 mpg on the highway at 75 mph, just slightly below its estimated efficiency. While it fell short by 2 mpg, this discrepancy remains negligible considering the vehicle’s overall fuel-saving capabilities. With its efficient performance and eco-conscious design, the Corolla Cross epitomizes Toyota’s commitment to sustainability without compromising on driving dynamics or reliability.

2024 Toyota Corolla Cross Interior, Comfort, and Cargo

If you’re a fan of the Corolla, you’ll definitely appreciate the Corolla Cross. It’s like a twin of the four-door Corolla inside, with similar materials, layout, and tech features. The Corolla Cross offers a bit more room in the back seats compared to the sedan and even more cargo space. While the basic models are simple, the XLE version adds some nice touches like faux-leather seats, heated front seats, and a fancy leather-wrapped shift knob. Plus, there’s a flip-down center armrest in the back for extra comfort. With its blend of comfort and style, the Corolla Cross XLE is a great pick for anyone looking for a practical yet luxurious crossover.


Safety Features: The Corolla Cross boasts standard safety features like adaptive cruise control and auto high-beams, ensuring a secure driving experience.

Fuel Economy: With an impressive 31 mpg city and 33 mpg highway, the Corolla Cross offers excellent fuel efficiency for long-term savings.

Cargo Space: Ample cargo room, 12 cubic feet more than the Corolla sedan, makes the Cross ideal for storage needs.

All-Wheel Drive Option: Optional all-wheel drive enhances traction and stability, especially in tough conditions.

Comfortable Ride: Passengers enjoy a comfortable ride quality, whether on short trips or long drives.

Hybrid Powertrain: The hybrid option appeals to eco-conscious consumers seeking efficient driving solutions.


Acceleration: The Corolla Cross may lack punchy acceleration, especially at higher speeds.

Limited Rear Space: Taller passengers may find the rear seating area cramped.

Interior Materials: While functional, the interior materials may lack a premium feel.

Towing Capacity: Limited towing capacity restricts utility for hauling heavier loads.

Price Consideration: Higher trims can be pricey, impacting purchasing decisions for budget-conscious buyers.

Driving Dynamics and Infotainment: Competitors may offer better driving dynamics and modern infotainment systems.

2024 Toyota Corolla Cross Infotainment and Connectivity

  • Standard eight-inch infotainment screen with the latest Toyota software and a six-speaker audio system ensure a modern and immersive experience.
  • The instrument panel features a 4.2-inch Color TFT Multi-Information Display, while the top trim boasts a larger seven-inch display.
  • Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and SiriusXM satellite radio come standard, providing seamless connectivity and entertainment options.
  • Optional features include wireless smartphone charging and rear-seat USB charging ports for added convenience.
  • Audio enthusiasts can opt for the JBL Premium audio system with a subwoofer, available on the top two trims for enhanced sound quality and immersion.

2024 Toyota Corolla Cross Safety and Driver-Assistance Features

Standard Safety Features:

  • Automated emergency braking with pedestrian detection comes standard, enhancing collision avoidance capabilities and pedestrian safety.
  • Lane-departure warning with an accident avoidance system is included, providing alerts and assistance to help drivers stay within their lanes and prevent potential accidents.
  • Adaptive cruise control is a standard feature, allowing drivers to maintain a safe distance from vehicles ahead and reducing driver fatigue during long journeys.

Warranty and Maintenance Coverage

Warranty Coverage:

  • The limited warranty provides coverage for three years or 36,000 miles, offering peace of mind against unexpected repairs and manufacturer defects.
  • A comprehensive powertrain warranty covers five years or 60,000 miles, ensuring protection for essential engine and transmission components.
  • Complimentary maintenance is included for two years or 25,000 miles, providing added value and convenience for scheduled service and upkeep.

Final Thoughts

2024 Toyota Corolla Cross emerges as a compelling choice in the competitive SUV market, boasting an array of standout features and offerings. Safety takes center stage with standard automated emergency braking, lane-departure warning, and adaptive cruise control, ensuring driver confidence and peace of mind. Its efficient powertrain options, including a hybrid variant, deliver impressive fuel economy, making it a smart choice for eco-conscious drivers. With a spacious interior, advanced infotainment system, and premium amenities like available wireless smartphone charging, the Corolla Cross combines comfort and convenience seamlessly. Backed by Toyota’s generous warranty coverage, it’s a vehicle that excels in reliability, versatility, and overall value.

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