2024 RAM Dakota

2024 RAM Dakota: Price, Specs, and Reviews


The anticipation is building as the 2024 RAM Dakota is poised to roll into dealerships soon. While RAM has been tight-lipped about the finer details, the excitement around this mid-size pickup truck is palpable.

The company has underscored the significance of the mid-size pickup truck segment, emphasizing that it presents a prime opportunity for the brand. Amid a flurry of rumors, the intriguing announcement is that the Dakota model will appear in the 2024 model year, defying expectations by skipping this year entirely.

A Comeback in the Making

The Dakota, which once graced the roads over a decade ago, is on the cusp of a triumphant return. Set to square off against contenders such as the Toyota Tacoma, Ford Ranger, and GMC Canyon, the 2024 RAM Dakota promises a thrilling revival.

Whispers of a high-performance Dakota SRT model have set the automotive world abuzz, adding an extra layer of excitement. Moreover, the possibility of a hybrid version is not to be dismissed, hinting at a convergence of power and sustainability.

A Familiar Visage with a Modern Flair

The forthcoming 2024 RAM Dakota is poised to take design cues from its larger sibling, the Ram 1500 pickup truck. While the Dakota is decidedly more compact, it shares a contemporary and distinctive design language with the Ram 1500.

The similarities extend to exterior elements, with a modern trapezoidal grille and LED headlights gracing the front fascia. Notably, Dakota sets itself apart with unique doors, fenders, bumpers, wheels, and vibrant exterior colors.

The rear is adorned with elegant LED taillights, underscoring the Dakota’s status as a mid-size pickup truck.

The Interior Elegance

A familiar and modern aesthetic greets passengers inside the cabin, reminiscent of the acclaimed Ram 1500. A high level of comfort is expected, accompanied by a range of convenient features.

The centerpiece is the anticipated 12-inch touchscreen, likely an option rather than a standard feature. Dakota’s interior expanse is set to offer ample room and a myriad of customization possibilities.

Envisioned as a modern pickup, the Dakota model will incorporate features like a digital instrument cluster, an advanced infotainment system, and enhanced driver-assistance technologies. The upper trim levels are poised to provide optional features, including Wi-Fi connectivity and even a panoramic sunroof.

Powering Up the Performance

The powertrain options for the 2024 RAM Dakota are poised to cater to various preferences. With body-on-frame construction, the Dakota might share a chassis with the Ram 1500, potentially accommodating a V8 engine, an exclusivity in its class.

The platform-sharing potential extends to the Jeep Gladiator as well. Alternatively, Dakota could emerge as a lifestyle pickup akin to the Hyundai Santa Cruz. Stellantis, the parent company of RAM, already has experience with such pickups in Central and South America under Fiat Toro and RAM 1000.

The heartbeat of the Dakota might pulse from a 3.6-liter V6 gasoline engine or a 3.0-liter diesel engine, with the latter boasting an impressive 260 horsepower and a torque of 480 lb-ft. Moreover, the tantalizing prospect of a high-performance SRT model and the option for a hybrid powertrain could usher in a new era of driving exhilaration and efficiency.

Price Point and Arrival

As enthusiasts eagerly await, the pricing landscape for the 2024 RAM Dakota is starting to take shape. A base model is projected to fall between the $25,000 and $30,000 range, while the top-tier trim level could command around $50,000, give or take.

With the sales kickoff scheduled for the following year, anticipation builds for the unveiling of trim configurations, powertrain choices, and the official price unveiling. The 2024 RAM Dakota’s arrival countdown is well underway, promising a thrilling addition to the mid-size pickup segment.

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