2024 Ram 1500

2024 Ram 1500 Price, Specs & Reviews


2024 Ram 1500 Configuration

Base Model:

  • Engine: V-6
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Interior: Cloth seating, basic infotainment system
  • Safety Features: Airbags, stability control, traction control
  • Towing Capacity: Up to 7,500 pounds
  • Warranty: Three years or 36,000 miles limited warranty, five years or 50,000 miles powertrain warranty

Mid-Level Model:

  • Engine: V-8
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Interior: Upgraded seating materials, touchscreen infotainment system
  • Safety Features: Additional driver-assistance features like blind-spot monitoring
  • Towing Capacity: Up to 10,000 pounds
  • Warranty: Same as base model

Top-Level Model:

  • Engine: V-8
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Interior: Premium leather seating, advanced infotainment system with navigation
  • Safety Features: Full suite of driver-assistance features including adaptive cruise control
  • Towing Capacity: Up to 12,750 pounds
  • Warranty: Same as base model

What’s New for 2024 Ram 1500?

2024 Ram continues to refine its winning formula, with no significant changes to the lineup. However, buyers now have the option to choose between a five-foot seven-inch or a six-foot four-inch bed, allowing them to tailor their Ram 1500 to their specific hauling needs. While formidable rivals like the Ford F-150 and Chevy Silverado vie for attention, the Ram 1500 stands out with its unmatched luxury and comfort.

One notable change for 2024 is the discontinuation of the diesel powertrain, which was initially offered on early 2023 models. This move underscores Ram’s commitment to evolving its lineup to meet changing preferences and industry standards. It’s a testament to Ram’s dedication to refining and optimizing its vehicles to deliver the ultimate driving experience.

Pricing and Recommendations

With a range of trim levels and options available, finding the perfect Ram 1500 to fit your budget is easier than ever. Here’s a breakdown to help you navigate the options:

  • $25k: Start with the essentials – the entry-level options offer a solid foundation with the V-6 engine, providing essential features for practical daily driving.
  • $50k: For those looking to make a statement, the 702-hp Ram 1500 TRX is a standout choice. However, if balance is what you seek, consider the Rebel. Opt for a crew cab with four-wheel drive and upgrade to the V-8 for enhanced performance.
  • $75k: Investing in the Level 2 package adds premium features, including air suspension, remote start, power-adjustable pedals, and more, enhancing comfort and convenience.
  • $100k: Extend your driving range with the 33-gallon fuel tank and consider the Safety and Convenience package for advanced driver-assistance features.
  • $125k: For the ultimate package, opt for the Multifunction Tailgate with a spray-in bedliner, bringing both functionality and durability to your Ram 1500.

Engine, Transmission, and Performance

One of the most impressive aspects of the 2024 Ram 1500 is its range of engine options, each offering a unique blend of power and efficiency. Whether you’re tackling tough terrain or cruising down the highway, there’s an engine option to suit your driving style:

V-6 Engine: The standard V-6 engine delivers a balanced combination of power and efficiency, making it ideal for everyday driving needs.
V-8 Engine: Opting for the V-8 engine enhances performance, providing a robust power output for those who demand more from their truck.
Ram 1500 TRX: At the top of the lineup sits the flagship TRX model, boasting an awe-inspiring 702 horsepower. This performance-oriented variant pushes the boundaries of what a half-ton pickup can achieve, delivering unmatched power and capability both on and off the road.

2024 Ram 1500 Interior, Comfort, and Cargo

Step inside the 2024 Ram 1500, and you’ll find yourself surrounded by luxury and comfort. From the quality materials to the thoughtful design, every aspect of the interior is crafted with the driver and passengers in mind:

  • Interior Design: The interior of the Ram 1500 is a testament to craftsmanship, with attention to detail and quality materials creating a sophisticated and inviting atmosphere.
  • Comfort: Whether you’re embarking on a cross-country road trip or simply running errands around town, the Ram 1500 offers a level of comfort that rivals your favorite La-Z-Boy at home. With well-cushioned seating and ample space, every journey is a pleasure.
  • Technology and Infotainment: The Ram 1500 is equipped with the latest technology to keep you connected and entertained on the go. From the user-friendly infotainment system to the available smartphone integration, every aspect of the truck is designed to enhance the driving experience.


Luxurious Interior: The Ram 1500 sets a new standard for luxury in the full-size pickup segment. With high-quality materials and thoughtful design elements throughout.
Comfortable Ride: With its advanced suspension system and well-crafted interior, the Ram 1500 delivers a smooth and comfortable ride. Even on rough terrain.
Impressive Towing Capacity: Whether you’re hauling a trailer or towing a boat, the Ram 1500’s towing capacity of up to 12,750 pounds ensures that you can tackle any task with confidence.
Innovative Features: From the multifunction tailgate to the Ram Box cargo management system, the Ram 1500 offers a range of innovative features that enhance versatility and functionality.


Fuel Efficiency: While competitive, the fuel efficiency of the Ram 1500 may not be as impressive as some of its rivals. Especially with the V-8 engine option.
Pricing: Fully loaded trims and optional packages can significantly increase the price of the Ram 1500. Potentially making it a costlier option compared to base models.
Size Limitations: While the crew cab body style offers ample space for passengers. It may result in a slightly reduced towing capacity compared to extended cab models.
Limited Off-Road Focus: While capable, the Ram 1500 may not match the dedicated off-road prowess of some rivals in specialized off-road trims.

Warranty and Maintenance Coverage

Limited Warranty: The Ram 1500 comes with a standard limited warranty, providing coverage for three years or 36,000 miles. This warranty helps protect against defects in materials or workmanship during the initial years of ownership.
Powertrain Warranty: In addition to the limited warranty, the Ram 1500 also includes a powertrain warranty that extends for five years or 50,000 miles. This warranty covers critical components like the engine and transmission, providing added confidence for long-term ownership.

Safety and Driver-Assistance Features

Safety is a top priority for the 2024 Ram 1500. With a range of features designed to enhance driver awareness and protect occupants:

Standard Safety Features: The Ram 1500 comes equipped with a suite of standard safety features. Including multiple airbags, anti-lock braking system. (ABS), stability control, and traction control. These features work together to help keep you and your passengers safe on the road.

Final Thoughts

2024 Ram 1500 is more than just a pickup truck – it’s a statement of luxury and power. With its range of powerful engines, luxurious interior, and innovative features. It stands as a pinnacle of performance and opulence in the competitive world of pickup trucks.

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