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2024 Nissan Kicks Price, Specs And Reviews


2024 Nissan Kicks Configuration

Affordability: The Nissan Kicks is affordable, attracting budget-conscious buyers.

Fuel Economy: The Kicks boasts excellent EPA fuel-economy ratings and real-world highway fuel economy of 37 mpg, ideal for saving on gas costs.

Standard Driver-Assistance Tech: Equipped with automated emergency braking and lane-departure warning, the Kicks ensures safety and peace of mind for drivers.

Spacious Cabin: Despite its size, the Kicks offers ample room and adult-sized rear seats, perfect for everyday use and long drives.

User-Friendly Interior: The Kicks features a well-built interior with modern amenities like touchscreen infotainment and Bluetooth connectivity.

Colorful Design: The exterior of the Kicks includes trendy styling elements and splashes of color, adding personality and visual appeal.

Nimble Handling: Despite modest power, the Kicks offers nimble handling and a comfortable ride, perfect for urban and suburban driving.

Optional Features: Optional upgrades like the Premium package offer additional amenities, allowing buyers to customize their Kicks.

What’s New for 2024 Nissan Kicks?

In 2024, the Nissan Kicks maintains its solid reputation with subtle updates. Excitingly, the mid-range SV and top-spec SR trims now offer an onboard Wi-Fi hotspot, enhancing connectivity and convenience for passengers. This addition reflects Nissan’s commitment to keeping the Kicks at the forefront of modern technology. With a generous three-year trial plan included via the NissanConnect service, drivers can enjoy seamless internet access on the go. These enhancements further elevate the Kicks’ appeal, ensuring it remains a top choice for tech-savvy consumers seeking both reliability and innovation.

Pricing and Which One to Buy

With a starting price between $20k and $30k, the Nissan Kicks offers remarkable value even at its base S trim level. Packed with standard driver-assistance features, it ensures safety without compromising affordability. However, for those seeking enhanced comfort and convenience, the mid-range SV trim beckons. Boasting coveted additions like an 8.0-inch infotainment display, adaptive cruise control, 17-inch wheels, and a center-console armrest, the SV elevates the driving experience. Its thoughtful upgrades make every journey more enjoyable, setting the Kicks apart as a smart choice for discerning buyers who crave both functionality and style without breaking the bank.

Engine, Transmission, and Performance

The heart of every Nissan Kicks beats with a 122-hp four-cylinder engine, delivering modest acceleration that some may find just adequate. Paired with a continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT) and front-wheel drive configuration, the Kicks forgoes all-wheel drive. Clocking a leisurely 9.7-second dash to 60 mph, it’s not built for speed enthusiasts. Yet, within city limits, the Kicks surprises with its spirited demeanor, responding eagerly when the throttle is pressed. Its nimble handling brings a sense of agility, making urban driving a joy. The suspension, finely tuned for comfort, absorbs bumps effortlessly, ensuring a smooth ride even on rough roads. While not a thrill-seeker’s dream, the Kicks promises a balanced and enjoyable driving experience for everyday adventures.

Fuel Economy and Real-World MPG

Nissan Kicks shines in the fuel efficiency department, boasting impressive ratings of 31 mpg city and 36 mpg highway. During our rigorous 75-mph real-world highway test, it sips fuel like a true economy car, achieving a remarkable 37 mpg, on par with the Toyota C-HR. Despite its stellar performance, the Kicks’ compact 10.8-gallon fuel tank limits its cruising range. Nonetheless, its efficiency sets a high standard in its class, making it a top contender for drivers seeking to minimize fuel expenses while enjoying long journeys. The Kicks proves that eco-conscious driving doesn’t have to compromise on style, comfort, or performance.

2024 Nissan Kicks Interior, Comfort, and Cargo

Nissan Kicks’ interior styling may not be as trendy as its exterior, it boasts a well-built, mature appearance and a user-friendly layout. Its adult-sized rear seat ensures comfortable journeys without the cramped feeling typical in rivals like the C-HR. Vibrant splashes of color throughout the cabin add a lively touch, breaking the monotony of an otherwise all-black interior. Surprisingly spacious, the Kicks excels in cargo capacity, accommodating an impressive 19 carry-on suitcases with rear seats folded—beating out larger competitors. Though small-item storage is limited, generous door pockets and a sizable glovebox provide ample space for front-seat occupants. The Kicks effortlessly balances practicality with style, making every drive enjoyable.

Pros of the Nissan Kicks:

Affordability: The Nissan Kicks is one of the most affordable vehicles in its segment, making it accessible to a wide range of buyers.

Excellent Fuel Economy: It offers impressive fuel efficiency with high EPA ratings, saving on gas costs for drivers.

Standard Driver-Assistance Features: The Kicks comes equipped with a host of standard driver-assistance technologies, enhancing safety and peace of mind.

Spacious Cabin: Despite its compact size, the Kicks offers a roomy cabin with adult-sized rear seats and ample cargo space, providing comfort for passengers and practicality for cargo.

User-Friendly Interior: The interior design is user-friendly and well-built, with modern amenities and intuitive controls.

Nimble Handling: The Kicks offers nimble handling and a comfortable ride, making it enjoyable to drive in various environments.

Cons of the Nissan Kicks:

Modest Power: The Kicks is powered by a 122-hp four-cylinder engine, providing barely adequate acceleration, especially on highways or when fully loaded.

No All-Wheel Drive Option: It is exclusively front-wheel drive, lacking the option for all-wheel drive, which may limit its appeal in certain weather conditions or terrains.

Limited Cargo Space with Rear Seats Up: While the Kicks offers ample cargo space with rear seats folded, the capacity is limited when seats are upright.

Interior Styling: Some may find the interior styling less trendy compared to its exterior design.

Small Fuel Tank: The Kicks has a relatively small fuel tank, which may limit its cruising range between refuels.

2024 Nissan Kicks Infotainment and Connectivity

Nissan’s infotainment system in the Kicks, while not the most visually stunning, excels in intuitiveness and ease of use. Although some on-screen icons could be larger for improved accessibility while driving, the system overall is intuitive and user-friendly. The base Kicks S features a 7.0-inch touchscreen, a six-speaker audio system, and Bluetooth connectivity, while the SV and SR trims offer an upgraded 8.0-inch display, an extra USB-C port, and access to NissanConnect telematics and concierge services. Additionally, buyers of the SR trim have the option to enhance their driving experience with the Premium package, which includes a Bose stereo system and a convenient Wi-Fi hotspot.

2024 Nissan Kicks Safety and Driver-Assistance Features

Nissan Kicks comes standard with advanced safety features, including automated emergency braking with pedestrian detection, which enhances collision avoidance. Additionally, it boasts a standard lane-departure warning system that helps keep drivers on track and promotes safer driving habits. For added convenience and safety on the road, the Kicks offers available adaptive cruise control. Enabling drivers to maintain a safe distance from vehicles ahead while cruising on highways or in heavy traffic. These features collectively contribute to a safer and more enjoyable driving experience. Prioritizing both driver and pedestrian safety while offering enhanced peace of mind on the road.

Warranty and Maintenance Coverage

2024 Nissan Kicks offers a comprehensive limited warranty, providing coverage for three years or 36,000 miles, ensuring peace of mind for new owners. Moreover. Its robust powertrain warranty extends for five years or 60,000 miles, reflecting Nissan’s commitment to quality and reliability. While the Kicks excels in warranty coverage. It does not include complimentary scheduled maintenance, a minor drawback considering its overall value proposition. Nonetheless, with generous warranty terms and reliable performance. Nissan Kicks stands as a dependable choice for drivers seeking long-term assurance and confidence in their vehicle investment.

Final Thoughts

2024 Nissan Kicks emerges as a standout choice in the subcompact SUV market. offering a winning combination of affordability, efficiency, and safety. With its attractive starting price and impressive fuel economy, it caters to budget-conscious buyers without compromising on quality. The Kicks excels in safety features. Boasting standard automated emergency braking and lane-departure warning. While available adaptive cruise control enhances driving convenience. Its spacious cabin, intuitive infotainment system. And nimble handling further elevate the driving experience. Though lacking in some optional features and complimentary maintenance. The Kicks’ solid warranty coverage and overall reliability make it a compelling choice for urban adventurers.

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