2024 Maserati Grecale

2024 Maserati Grecale Price, Specs And Reviews


2024 Maserati Grecale Configuration

Potent Performance: Tailor your ride with a choice between the GT’s 296 HP or the Modena’s robust 325 HP turbocharged engines.

Distinctive Exterior: Stand out on the road with Maserati’s signature design, blending athleticism and sophistication in the luxurious Grecale.

Opulent Interior: Immerse yourself in luxury with premium materials, a 12.3-inch digital gauge cluster, and dual touchscreens, creating a refined and tech-savvy space.

Tech-Forward Infotainment: Stay connected with the Grecale’s Google-based system, offering a 12.3-inch touchscreen, wireless Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and an optional premium sound system.

Safety Assurance: Drive confidently with standard safety features like forward-collision warning and automated emergency braking, plus optional blind-spot monitoring and adaptive cruise control.

Personalized Luxury: Tailor your Grecale starting at $69,995 or opt for the Modena at $78,495, and explore bespoke options through Maserati’s Fuoriserie Program.

What’s New for 2024 Maserati Grecale?

2024 Grecale stands as a beacon of automotive innovation, and while its excellence remains unaltered, subtle enhancements grace this year’s model. All trims receive a tastefully restyled steering wheel, while the Modena variant exudes a touch of exclusivity with a fresh optional wheel design. Elevating personalization to an art form, Maserati introduces the Fuoriserie Program, a symphony of choices empowering buyers to craft their Grecale masterpiece. Dive into a world where each detail reflects your unique style – it’s not just a vehicle; it’s your signature on wheels.

Pricing and Which One to Buy

Priced between $50k and $125k, the Grecale offers a luxurious journey worth every penny. While it positions itself among the elite in compact luxury crossovers, the recommendation is clear: indulge in the Modena trim. For an additional $10,000, experience the pinnacle of power with 325 horsepower, complemented by a suite of opulent features – adaptive dampers, 20-inch wheels, a power sunroof, 14-way power-adjustable front seats, adaptive cruise control, and the timeless elegance of wood interior trim.

Engine, Transmission, and Performance

At the heart of the Grecale beats a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, choreographed with an eight-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive. Unleashing 296 horsepower in the GT and an exhilarating 325 horses in the Modena, the powertrain promises a symphony of perky acceleration and ample power. Our test drive revealed a touch of turbo lag in the high-output engine, yet the overall performance enchanted with a pillowy ride in Comfort mode and a spirited athleticism in sportier drives. While the Grecale flaunts neutrality in handling, the Porsche Macan still reigns supreme for those craving an unparalleled driving delight.

Fuel Economy and Real-World MPG

Grecale not only commands the road with its performance but also boasts impressive fuel efficiency. Making it a dynamic and economical choice. According to the EPA, models equipped with the turbo four engine showcase stellar ratings of 22 mpg in the city and an impressive 29 mpg on the highway. As we eagerly anticipate our own 75-mph highway fuel-economy test, the Grecale promises to deliver an all-encompassing experience – from spirited drives to fuel-conscious journeys. Stay tuned as we unveil the real-world efficiency of this remarkable SUV, blending power and economy seamlessly on every mile of adventure.

2024 Maserati Grecale Interior, Comfort, and Cargo

Step into the lap of luxury inside the Grecale’s elegant cabin, where sophistication meets cutting-edge technology. Immerse yourself in opulence with rich materials adorning every inch, complemented by a 12.3-inch digital gauge cluster and dual touchscreens on the center stack. The upper 12.3-inch unit seamlessly controls the infotainment system, while the 8.8-inch lower screen manages HVAC and other controls. Optional features like a three-zone climate system and a head-up display elevate the driving experience. Ample passenger space ensures comfort, with the rear providing generous room unless three passengers are riding. The cargo area, boasting 20 cubic feet, is both practical and stylish, featuring a flat load floor and a discreet storage compartment beneath the power-folding rear seats. In the Grecale, every journey is a harmonious blend of comfort, style, and functionality.


Luxurious Interior: The Grecale’s cabin exudes opulence with high-quality materials, a digital gauge cluster, and dual touchscreens. Offering a refined and tech-savvy atmosphere.

Powerful Engine Options: With a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine. The Grecale offers a range of power. From 296 horsepower in the GT to an exhilarating 325 horsepower in the Modena trim.

Versatile Driving Modes: From the pillowy Comfort mode to sportier drives, the Grecale adapts to various driving preferences. Delivering a comfortable and dynamic performance.

Ample Cargo Space: The SUV provides up to 20 cubic feet of cargo space. With a flat load floor and a storage compartment behind the power-folding rear seats. Ensuring practicality without compromising style.

Customization Options: Maserati’s Fuoriserie Personalization Program allows buyers to tailor their Grecale with a plethora of paint, wheel. And interior options, creating a bespoke driving experience.


Turbo Lag: Some initial turbo lag was noticed in the high-output four-cylinder engine during test drives, impacting immediate responsiveness.

Height Restrictions for Rear Passengers: Taller passengers in the back may find headroom limited. Especially if riding three-across.

Ride Quality: While the Comfort mode offers a plush ride, the overall handling. Though neutral, might not match the driving pleasure provided by competitors like the Porsche Macan.

Higher Starting Price: The starting price places the Grecale among the pricier options in the compact luxury crossover segment. Potentially limiting its accessibility to budget-conscious buyers.

2024 Maserati Grecale Infotainment and Connectivity

Embark on a technological journey with the Grecale’s cutting-edge infotainment system, anchored by a 12.3-inch touchscreen. Seamlessly operated via a secondary 8.8-inch screen below for diverse functionalities. Every model ensures connectivity with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, while an optional Wi-Fi hotspot enhances your on-the-go experience. Elevate your auditory senses with an available upgrade to a 21-speaker, 1285-watt Sonus Faber stereo. Transforming every drive into a symphony of sound. Engage effortlessly with voice-command services such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, ensuring a truly connected and immersive driving experience.

Safety and Driver-Assistance Features

Anticipate a comprehensive suite of standard and optional driver-assistance technologies in the compact Grecale. Ensuring a secure and confident driving experience. Look forward to features such as standard forward-collision warning and automated emergency braking, providing an extra layer of safety. Opt for available enhancements like blind-spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert to bolster awareness in challenging scenarios. Elevate your safety net further with the option of adaptive cruise control, ensuring a seamless and controlled driving experience.

Warranty and Maintenance Coverage

Step into the future with Grecale’s state-of-the-art infotainment system. Driven by a captivating 12.3-inch touchscreen seamlessly complemented by an 8.8-inch display for comprehensive control. Offering wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto across all models, stay effortlessly connected on the go. Elevate your audio experience with an optional 21-speaker, 1285-watt Sonus Faber stereo, transforming your SUV into a concert hall on wheels. With voice-command services like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. The Grecale ensures your commands are met with swift and intelligent responses, enhancing the allure of your driving journey.

Final Thoughts

2024 Maserati Grecale emerges as a beacon of automotive brilliance, seamlessly blending luxury, performance, and innovation. Its opulent interior, adorned with premium materials and high-tech features like a 12.3-inch touchscreen, creates a driving sanctuary. The power-packed engine options, from the GT’s 296 horsepower to the Modena’s exhilarating 325 horses, promise a thrilling ride. Adaptive driving modes, versatile cargo space, and the Fuoriserie Personalization Program add layers of practicality and individuality. With an array of safety features, a Google-based infotainment system. And a stellar 21-speaker Sonus Faber stereo, the Grecale not only meets expectations but transcends them, making every journey a symphony of elegance and performance.


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