2024 Lotus Emira

2024 Lotus Emira Price, Specs And Reviews


2024 Lotus Emira is a significant model for the British sports car manufacturer as it marks the transition to an all-electric future. It’s the last model to feature an internal combustion engine before Lotus fully embraces electric vehicles, following in the footsteps of models like the Evija hypercar. As the successor to the Evora GT, the Emira promises enhancements in practicality, interior quality, and safety features, representing a departure from Lotus’s traditional focus solely on driving experiences.

What’s New for 2024 Lotus Emira?

2024 Lotus Emira offers two thrilling configurations: the Emira i4 with a standard turbo four, generating 360 horsepower, and a supercharged V-6 version with 400 horsepower, which can be paired with a manual gearbox—a nod to driving enthusiasts. Drawing inspiration from the carbon-fiber-intensive Evija, the Emira boasts a striking exterior design, while its bonded aluminum architecture inherited from the Evora GT ensures a seamless transition from Lotus’s gasoline-powered legacy to an electrifying future.

Pricing and Which One to Buy:

Initially, the First Edition model with the supercharged V-6 will be the sole offering, priced at $75,000. Later, the lineup will expand to include the Emira i4, offering a more accessible option starting at $TBD. Enthusiasts opting for the V-6 gain the exclusive opportunity to select the six-speed manual transmission. Unlocking the Sport chassis configuration for enhanced driving dynamics.

2024 Lotus Emira Engine, Transmission, and Performance:

The Emira offers two powertrain options: the Emira i4 with a standard turbocharged four-cylinder engine delivering 360 horsepower. And a supercharged V-6 version with 400 horsepower, providing additional performance. Enthusiasts can opt for a manual gearbox with the V-6, offering a more engaging driving experience. With a bonded aluminum architecture inherited from the Evora GT and design inspiration from the Evija. Emira beautifully combines Lotus’s gasoline heritage with modern engineering for an exhilarating driving experience.

Safety and Driver-Assistance Features:

While specific details may vary, the Emira is expected to feature standard safety measures such as a strong and lightweight chassis. Airbag systems, traction and stability control, and an anti-lock braking system. Limited advanced driver-assistance features may include parking assistance, lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, and brake assist.

Final Thoughts:

2024 Lotus Emira marks the end of Lotus’s combustion era. Bridging tradition and future with its turbo-four or supercharged V6 engines. Starting at $75,000 for the First Edition model, it showcases Lotus’s legacy by fusing performance. And elegance in a stunning farewell to petrol power.

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