2024 Bentley Continental GT

2024 Bentley Continental GT Price, Specs & Reviews


2024 Bentley Continental GT Configuration:

  • Exterior Color: Choose from classic or vibrant hues for personalization.
  • Wheel Options: Select stylish designs, including new 22-inch wheels.
  • Interior Trim: Customize with luxurious materials like leather and wood.
  • Seat Design: Opt for comfort-enhancing features like heating and massage.
  • Technology Package: Equip with advanced infotainment, navigation, and safety systems.

2024 Bentley Continental GT, a grand tourer masterfully designed, turns long drives into effortless journeys. Choose between the coupe or convertible, both offering standout style. Sink into plush seats in its deluxe cabin, feeling the allure of a finely-tuned suspension. The V-8 or W-12 engine, turbocharged for robust power, ensures a commanding presence on the road. Cornering like a sports car, the Continental GT effortlessly glides over road imperfections for comfortable cruising. This Bentley masterpiece melds performance, style, and comfort seamlessly, making every drive a luxurious experience that transcends mere transportation.

What’s New for 2024?

2024 Bentley Continental GT, synonymous with British elegance, offers bespoke options through the Mulliner coachbuilding division. Whether customized or off-the-shelf, this luxury car boasts exquisite design and premium materials. Styling updates include 22-inch wheels for Azure, sleek dark gray details on the Speed, and an optional dark-tinted aluminum grille trim. Azure interiors feature lofted quilting, and all models showcase plush wool floor mats atop recycled nylon carpets. A new A trim, echoing Azure’s aesthetics, debuts this year. With Bentley’s attention to detail, the Continental GT epitomizes personalized luxury, delivering a refined driving experience that combines craftsmanship and innovation seamlessly.

Pricing and Which One to Buy

Selecting the 2024 Bentley Continental GT coupe, we opt for the standard twin-turbo V-8 engine. Bentley’s V-8, a refined powerhouse, offers real-world agility, nearly matching the W-12’s peak horsepower. The W-12’s advantage is notable only at very high speeds. Despite enjoying the wind, the coupe’s arching roofline captivates with irresistible elegance, tying together the car’s style seamlessly. In the realm of luxury coupes, the Continental GT stands out, offering a compelling balance of performance, sophistication, and design finesse. With a price range from $100k to $600k, it delivers an exclusive and personalized driving experience tailored to the discerning enthusiast.

Engine, Transmission, and Performance

2024 Bentley Continental GT Coupe, priced between $100k and $600k, is the preferred twin-turbo V-8 engine. This meticulously crafted powerhouse balances agility and real-world responsiveness, rivaling the W-12 in everyday driving scenarios. Although the W-12 exhibits advantages at very high speeds, the V-8 provides a compelling and dynamic driving experience. Paired with a sophisticated transmission, the Continental GT seamlessly transforms power into a harmonious blend of performance and refinement.

This grand coupe, featuring an iconic arching roofline, skillfully marries style with aerodynamics. The V-8’s robust power, coupled with an artfully engineered transmission, guarantees an exhilarating journey, establishing new benchmarks for luxury and performance. Whether navigating urban landscapes or accelerating on open highways, the Continental GT Coupe signifies the epitome of exclusive and personalized driving.

2024 Bentley Continental GT

Fuel Economy and Real-World MPG

While precise fuel economy figures for the 2024 Bentley Continental GT Coupe may vary based on driving conditions and individual habits, Bentley’s focus on performance and luxury doesn’t compromise overall efficiency. Generally, the Continental GT V-8 engine provides a balanced blend of power and fuel conservation, offering a satisfactory real-world driving experience.

Given the V-8’s responsiveness and agility, Bentley ensures that the Continental GT Coupe remains efficient for a high-performance grand tourer. While not a definitive fuel-efficient option, the Continental GT Coupe strikes a harmonious balance between spirited driving and reasonable fuel consumption, making it a practical choice for enthusiasts seeking both power and efficiency in their luxury coupe.

Interior, Comfort, and Cargo

2024 Bentley Continental GT Coupe, priced from $100k to $600k, lies a luxurious sanctuary that seamlessly marries opulence with comfort. Plush materials and meticulous craftsmanship define the interior, creating an exquisite ambiance. The seats, designed for both support and comfort, elevate the driving experience for both short jaunts and long journeys.

Bentley’s attention to detail extends to the cargo space, providing a balance between practicality and the grandeur expected in a luxury coupe. While cargo capacity may not be the focal point, the Continental GT Coupe ensures that essentials are accommodated with sophistication.

In essence, the interior of the Continental GT Coupe is a testament to Bentley’s commitment to providing a refined and pleasurable driving environment. It transforms every journey into a sophisticated experience, blending comfort, style, and practicality with the brand’s hallmark craftsmanship.

Warranty and Maintenance Coverage

Bentley’s commitment to excellence is reflected in the warranty and maintenance coverage for the 2024 Continental GT Coupe, priced between $100k and $600k. While specific details may vary, Bentley typically offers a comprehensive warranty that covers essential components for a specified duration or mileage.

Additionally, Bentley often includes a maintenance package, providing complimentary services for routine tasks during the initial ownership period. This not only ensures the longevity of the vehicle but also minimizes ownership costs for Bentley enthusiasts.

Prospective buyers can take comfort in knowing that Bentley’s warranty and maintenance coverage underscore the brand’s dedication to customer satisfaction and the reliability of their high-performance luxury coupes.


  1. Luxurious Interior: Crafted with opulent materials, the Continental GT Coupe offers a refined and lavish driving environment.
  2. Powerful V-8 Engine: The preferred twin-turbo V-8 engine balances agility and responsiveness, delivering a dynamic driving experience.
  3. Exquisite Design: Iconic arching roofline and sophisticated styling make the Continental GT Coupe a standout in the luxury coupe segment.
  4. Comprehensive Customization: Bentley’s Mulliner coachbuilding division allows for bespoke options, ensuring a personalized driving experience.
  5. Balanced Performance: Striking a harmonious blend between spirited driving and reasonable fuel consumption.


  1. Premium Price Tag: The Continental GT Coupe’s luxury and performance come at a high cost, limiting accessibility.
  2. Limited Cargo Space: Cargo capacity is modest, reflecting a focus on luxury and performance rather than practicality.
  3. Fuel Efficiency: While balanced for a high-performance coupe, the Continental GT may not be the most fuel-efficient option.
  4. Limited Changes: The model may see minimal alterations, potentially affecting novelty and competitiveness in evolving markets.

Final Thoughts

2024 Bentley Continental GT Coupe offers customizable luxury and performance. With choices in color, wheels, and interior materials, it caters to individual tastes. Advanced technology and safety features enhance the driving experience. Mulliner customization ensures exclusivity. In conclusion, the Continental GT Coupe combines elegance and power, making every journey memorable.

The Continental GT Coupe’s iconic design, highlighted by the arching roofline, ensures it stands out in the luxury coupe segment. While the price tag reflects its exclusivity, Bentley’s Mulliner coachbuilding division allows for comprehensive customization, ensuring a personalized touch.

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