2023 Toyota Supra MK5

2023 Toyota Supra MK5 Price, Specs and Reviews


2023 Toyota Supra MK5 realm of opinions, much like politics, divergence doesn’t fracture bonds. The second Supra review, seasoned by a road trip, unveils the Mk5 Supra 3.0 as competent but lacking in greatness. This nuanced evaluation, a testament to individual perspectives in a sea of diverse tastes, defines the Supra as a good, albeit not exceptional, car. It’s a vehicle that falls into the category of personal preference, where enthusiasts can find qualities to appreciate, yet also areas where it might not meet everyone’s expectations. Such discourse reinforces the beauty of choice—akin to the varying flavors of chocolate and vanilla—acknowledging that the Supra, while not universally hailed as extraordinary, possesses attributes that can appeal uniquely to different automotive palates.

What’s New for 2023?

2023 Toyota Supra MK5 to politics, permit disagreement without fracturing connections. In the context of the second Supra review, enriched by an extended experience, the verdict on the Mk5 Supra 3.0 leans toward competency rather than exceptionalism. This nuanced perspective embraces the diversity of automotive tastes, acknowledging that individual preferences shape the definition of a “great” car. As with politics, amicable divergence is essential, and this Supra evaluation echoes that sentiment. The prolonged interaction, including a road trip, provides a more comprehensive understanding, revealing the Supra’s virtues as a good vehicle while recognizing it might not universally attain greatness. Such reflections underscore the subjective nature of automotive appreciation, emphasizing that, like the choice between chocolate and vanilla, there’s a vehicle for every palate.


2023 The Supra possesses a sharp aesthetic and a performance edge, excelling as a capable point-and-shoot performance car. However, beyond its visual and performance prowess, it falls short in depth. The Supra seems to lack charisma, a certain soul, or an inherent pedigree. While the aftermarket has embraced the car, enhancing its potential, the essence of charisma and a distinctive DNA feels absent—elements that ideally should have been ingrained during the car’s conceptualization. Despite its sharp appearance and performance capabilities, the Supra appears to miss the mark in delivering a truly resonant and soulful driving experience, an intangible quality that can make or break the enduring legacy of a sports car.


2023 Supra iteration seems to lack the authentic essence of its lineage, feeling more like a Z4 afterthought than a genuine Supra. The absence of a manual transmission, a quintessential feature for a sports car, leaves a noticeable void. Structural adjustments, such as the addition of a roof and hatch, appear as modifications not originally intended, resulting in unintended issues like intense buffering when rolling down windows. The oversight in addressing this problem highlights a potential gap in the collaboration between Toyota and BMW. The focus on computer-driven specifications and technical data, while crucial, seems to overshadow the visceral, immersive experience of driving—a fundamental aspect often associated with the Supra’s heritage. This underscores the challenge of maintaining the authentic spirit of a legendary model when it undergoes significant transformations and collaborative endeavors.


Perhaps, I’m not the ideal Supra buyer, and that’s entirely acceptable. My sentiments stem from a desire for the MK5 Supra to be a beacon amid the monotony of contemporary sports cars. Unfortunately, it feels like a missed opportunity. My frustration resonates deeply because I genuinely wished to embrace it as a savior, reviving an automotive icon. The hope was for Toyota to boldly challenge the automotive landscape. Alas, that vision didn’t materialize. Yet, I remain optimistic, yearning for a future where Toyota introduces models like a new X5 or X6, perhaps a Toyota FJ competitor against the Jeep and Bronco, injecting vigor into their lineup.

Engine, Transmission, and Performance

2023 Toyota Supra MK5 features a potent engine, a sophisticated transmission system, and exceptional performance capabilities. Beneath the hood, a commanding V-8 engine, possibly with dual-throttle-body intakes, delivers robust power. The transmission options, including advanced features like forged connecting rods from the GT500 and strengthened camshafts, contribute to enhanced performance. With 500 horsepower, the Dark Horse exhibits formidable acceleration and responsiveness, marking its prowess on the road. The marriage of a powerful engine and a well-engineered transmission system ensures an exhilarating driving experience, placing the 2024 Ford Mustang Dark Horse at the forefront of high-performance sports cars.

Fuel Economy and Real-World MPG

Specific details regarding the fuel economy and real-world MPG of the Toyota Supra MK5 are not explicitly provided in the given information. Typically, fuel efficiency details can be obtained from official sources like the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ratings or the manufacturer’s specifications. Real-world MPG can vary based on driving conditions, maintenance, and individual driving habits. For the most accurate and up-to-date information on the Toyota Supra MK5  fuel economy, it is recommended to consult official Ford sources or refer to automotive reviews that may include real-world testing and observations.

Interior, Comfort, and Cargo

Comprehensive details regarding the interior, comfort, and cargo space of the 2023 Toyota Supra MK5 are not explicitly provided in the given information. For an in-depth understanding of these aspects, it is advisable to refer to official Ford specifications, automotive reviews, or conduct a firsthand inspection during a visit to a dealership. Generally, sports cars like the Mustang prioritize a driver-centric interior, quality materials, and modern technology. Comfort features often include power-adjustable seats and advanced infotainment systems. However, cargo space in sports cars tends to be more limited compared to other vehicle types, with a focus on performance rather than extensive storage.

Final thoughts

2023 Toyota Supra MK5, born from a collaboration with BMW, embodies a captivating fusion of aesthetics and performance. Its turbocharged inline-six engine ensures exhilarating acceleration, complemented by a sleek interior featuring modern tech. Criticized for its shared platform, the MK5 defies expectations, emerging as a compelling sports car. Its striking design, potent powerplant, and cutting-edge features showcase a commitment to contemporary speed and style, cementing its status as a dynamic and alluring addition to the Supra lineage. The MK5 represents a harmonious balance between form and function, offering enthusiasts a thrilling driving experience and a visual spectacle on the road.

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