2023 Ford Expedition

2023 Ford Expedition Review – Features, Performance & Size


The 2023 Ford Expedition provides a comfortable and high-technology family transportation ability. It is a full-size SUV that is available in two lengths and is built to keep you in mind. It is hard to beat the ford expedition regarding the big SUV standards.

So take your family on a trip and enjoy some memorable moments with the new 2023 Ford expedition. The interior and exterior of this vehicle are very comfortable; LED lights and amazing foldable side mirrors add extra marks to its list. Thanks to the adjustable and ergonomic seats for extra comfort. Moreover, you will enjoy its high-quality sound system and the panoramic roof.

These vehicles provide a great ride with excellent turbocharged power and a wide array of safety features for convenience. Due to these unbeatable features, the ford expedition gets a 6.7 TCC rating out of 10. However, the 2023 ford expedition keeps its tradition alive after a light revamps for 2022 and brings no markable tweaks for new editions.

Exterior and Interior of 2023 Ford Expedition

The first and most important thing is the remarkable build quality. The exterior is amazing, with LED lights and a side mirror, which are foldable according to your desired positions.

The interior is also good, and the Ford Expedition meets the standard length of 19.3 to 20.9 cubic feet behind the third row. When folded, this space becomes 57.5 and 63.6 cubic feet in the second row and 104.6 cubic feet in the rear seats.

It has two rows and five seats with three variants. The 2023 ford expedition has seats for up to eight passengers in its cabin. These seats are very comfortable and adjustable. With a leather-trimmed interior, you will have fatigue-free travel.

You can tailor the passenger seat in multiple ways, which enhances convenience, and its memory features always set the seats in an accurate position every time.

Modern Front End

The front end of the expedition comes with LED reflector headlamps, LED fog lamps, and configurable daytime running lamps. The font style is also simple and elegant, giving it a high-end look. It has a sharp and eye-catching style which attracts people.

22-inch Wheels

The wheel of the 2023 ford expedition is 22 inches wide and painted with machined face aluminum and Drak tarnish-painted pockets. They provide an excellent grip on the road and make your drive safe, especially during rainy days.

2023 Ford Expedition with Robust Rear End

The rear end of the ford expedition features LED taillights, a top-centered LED strip light, a horizontal chrome strip with a platinum logo, and at the bottom, two reflectors. These LED lights and reflectors keep you visible to other drivers at night.

Steering Wheel Controls

There is a button layout on the steering wheel. These buttons give you easy access to various functions. You can easily approach navigation buttons, cruise control, music controls, etc. These controls allow the drivers to set what they need at their fingertips.

Panoramic Vista Roof

A panoramic roof is an amazing feature as it allows you to feel the nature around you while traveling. The 2023 ford expedition is a large vehicle and offers tow panels. So there is no limit to getting in the fresh air and enjoying the beautiful blue sky.


It also features a 12-inch LCD integrated with Apple Carplay and auto android. So you can enjoy and approach your favorite apps and programs hassle-free. The large LCD display also gives a clear view of the rear seats so your family can enjoy the visuals.

Cargo Manegment System

The regular expedition provides an average amount of cargo space. But the expedition max comes with a large space perfect for cargo. The 2023 ford expedition offers good cargo space you can get by folding the second and third rows of seats. You can easily configure large 60/40 room objects.

Single-Zone Climate Control

Passengers on the second row have easy access to the single-zone climate. With this, they can easily set the temperature according to their need. Moreover, they can also access a 12Volt outlet, USB type A, and more functions.

Ford Pass App

It is a complimentary app that allows you to start and stop the engine. Moreover, you can lock and unlock the vehicle, monitor the fuel level, oil level, and more with your smartphone. So everything is at your fingertips.

Digital Cluster

A 12.4-inch multicolor productive screen provides clear and customized information about the vehicle in a vibrant layout. The best thing is that it is all available in an easy-to-use menu.

Premium Sound

With Bang and Olufsen sound system unleashes the sound quality while driving. It is the most available speaker in its class. The 2023 ford expedition has 22 speakers, including subwoofers, standard on King Ranch and Platinum.

WiFi Hotspot

You can easily connect about 10 devices with in-vehicle 4G LTE and WiFi hotspot of AT&T. You can access the WiFi hotspot within 50 feet outside the vehicle.

3.5L EcoBoost Engine

The ford expedition’s engine technology is also impressive, providing a power performance with good mileage. You will experience impressive and responsive performance while driving. And the credit goes to the duel technology. One is the direct injection which helps to maximize the power, and the second is the twin air-to-air cool turbochargers which ensure a surge of on-demand power.

Antilock Brake System

The antilock brake system with trail control offers suitable traction off-road. The sensors in the vehicle help you to determine the speed of the wheels when braking. If any wheel suddenly starts to lock up the automated brake system, apply the entire force on that wheel to avoid sliding.


With 2023 for the expedition, you will experience the high-end performance of a 3.5L EcoBoost high-output engine. It gives 440 horsepower and 510 lb. ft torque which is amazing for this performance edition model.

Park Assist Mode

With active park assist 2.0, you can park your car without accidental collapse. This feature allows you to park your car in parallel and perpendicular places. So there is no need to look for a potential parking space.

2023 Ford Expedition Conclusion

In conclusion, the 2023 Ford Expedition is a testament to Ford’s commitment to providing families with comfortable and technologically advanced transportation. As a full-size SUV in two lengths, it meets diverse needs while keeping the utmost comfort in mind.

The Expedition embodies both form and function from its spacious and versatile interior, complete with adjustable seats and many cargo configurations, to its elegant exterior design featuring LED lights and foldable mirrors.

As the journey of the 2023 Ford Expedition continues, it maintains its legacy of excellence, providing families with a reliable, feature-rich, and delightful mode of transportation for countless adventures ahead.

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