Top 10 110 cc motorbike

110cc Motorcycles Top 10 Best Selling 2023 Specs & Reviews


110cc Motorcycles Configuration

  1. Engine: Strong 112cc motor for fun rides.
  2. Transmission: Simple 4-speed shifting with auto clutch.
  3. Suspension: Smooth handling with front fork and back shock.
  4. Brakes: Reliable drum brakes for safe stops.
  5. Frame: Tough steel frame ensures durability.
  6. Dimensions: Bike’s size measurements for comfy riding.
  7. Weight: Light design for easy handling.
  8. Fuel Capacity: Holds 1.0 gallon of fuel for longer trips.
  9. Color Choices: Pick Lime Green or Battle Gray.
  10. Warranty: 6-month guarantee for peace of mind.

Top 110cc Motor Bike in USA

Sales of 110cc Motorcycles dirt bikes have skyrocketed, with an impressive increase of 45.4% when compared to the sales during the first six months of 2023. Similarly, ATV/SSV sales have experienced a remarkable surge, showing a staggering improvement of 50.9%.

Kawasaki KLX110R Biggest Selling 110cc Motorcycle

Whether you’re new to biking and want a friendly bike or you’re a skilled rider in need of an awesome pitbike, the KLX®110R and the slightly bigger KLX®110R L off-road motorcycles are perfect for you. These bikes have a fun 112cc engine and a compact design, which means they can be enjoyed by riders of all ages and experience levels.

Top 10 110 cc motorbike

Kawasaki KLX110R Specs & FEATURING:


Power of Motorcycle:

Engine4-stroke single, SOHC, air-cooled
Bore x Stroke53.0 x 50.6mm.
Compression Ratio9.5:1
Fuel System18mm. Keihin carburetor and screw type throttle limiter on grip housing
Transmission4-speed, return shift, automatic centrifugal and wet, multi-disc clutch
Final DriveChain
  • Bike Performance:

Front Suspension / Wheel Travel30mm. hydraulic telescopic fork/4.3 in.
Rear Suspension / Wheel TravelSwingarm with single hydraulic shock/4.3 in.
Front Tire2.50×14
Rear Tire3.00×12
Front Brakes90mm. mechanical drum, cable actuated
Rear Brakes110mm. mechanical drum, rod actuated
  • Body Details
Frame TypeBackbone frame, high-tensile steel
Rake/Trail24.8°/2.0 in.
Length61.4 in.
Overall Width25.6 in.
Overall Height37.6 in.
Ground Clearance8.5 in.
Seat Height26.8 in.
Curb Weight167.5 lb.*
Fuel Capacity1.0 gal.
Wheelbase42.3 in.
Color ChoicesLime Green, Battle Gray
Warranty6 Months
Kawasaki Protection Plus™ (optional)

Yamaha has surpassed Honda and become the number one seller in off-road motorcycle sales.

KTM is in third place as the top seller, with Kawasaki and Husqvarna right behind. Kawasaki’s impressive growth is mainly due to the popularity of the KLX110, which is currently the best-selling motorcycle in Australia.

Husqvarna has also experienced significant growth and has surpassed Suzuki in off-road sales.

More About Top Bikes

In the “Enduro” category, Yamaha’s WR450F is the most popular bike, beating both KTM’s two-stroke 300 EXC and four-stroke 350 EXC-F. Honda’s CRF450L secures the fourth position in this category, performing better than KTM’s 450 and 500 EXC models. Yamaha’s newly introduced WR250F has had a promising start, ranking seventh, closely followed by Husqvarna’s TE300 and FE350.

In “Motocross,” Yamaha’s YZ250F and YZ450F are in the lead, followed by Honda’s CRF450R and Kawasaki’s KX450F.

Honda’s XR190 continues to dominate the “Farm” category, while the CRF230F holds the top position in the “Trail” segment.

Top Selling 110CC Motorcycles include:


This 110cc Motorcycles is manufactured in China and has a kick-start and a four-speed, air-cooled 110cc engine with an aluminum cylinder. The seat height is 760mm (29.9 inches), and it weighs 66 kilograms (145 pounds). The bike has Volt Racing suspension, which was created in France, to ensure a comfortable and smooth ride. It also has disc brakes on both ends and a manual clutch. The price for this machine is yet to be announced (TBA).


Honda CRF100F is a 110 cc motorbike with a single-cylinder engine that has an electric start. It is the only motorcycle in its class that has fuel-injection. Its four-speed transmission comes with an automatic clutch, which prevents stalling. It has a comfortable ride, thanks to its under 4 inches of suspension travel. The brakes are drum, and it comes with a throttle limiter and a backup kick-starter.
Seat height: 25.9 inches
Weight: 170 pounds with fuel


KLX110R L 110cc Motorcycles is similar to the 110R version but has longer suspension travel at both ends, 5.5 inches front, and 5.2 inches rear. It has the same 14-inch front wheel and 12-inch rear wheel and an air-cooled four-speed automatic-clutch powerplant as its predecessor. However, the KLX110R L has a taller saddle height, which is almost 2 inches higher than the R model.
Seat height: 28.7 inches
Weight: 167.5 pounds(with full gas tank)

ORION RXB SEMI-AUTO 110cc Motorcycles

The Orion has a four-speed automatic-clutch Zongshen 110cc air-cooled engine. It also has an improved Fast Ace hydraulic fork, two disc brakes, and a side stand. The handlebars are made of aluminum, and it has triple clamps. They will bring it to your home for free, and it comes with a throttle limiter and a one-year warranty.
Seat height: 26.75 inches
Weight: 137 pounds

PITSTER PRO XJR 110cc Motorcycles

The Pitster Pro XJR 110 has a 110cc air-cooled engine and a manual four-speed transmission. It has two disc brakes, a pro-style suspension, a GPX fork, and 5 inches of travel on both front and rear. You have to start this machine with a kickstart, but you can choose to add an electric start if you prefer.
Seat height: 28 inches
Weight: 144 pounds


110cc Motorcycles Pitster Pro FSE 110R can be bought with either a semi-automatic or manual transmission. It is made for the Mini Moto 12-inch stock class competition and has an electric start, hydraulic disc brakes, wide footpegs, an alloy swingarm, and fully adjustable suspension.
Seat height: 29 inches
Weight: 144.5 pounds


The SR110 110cc Motorcycles has two types: one with a manual transmission and another with a four-speed automatic clutch. The engine is YX, 107cc, air-cooled powerplant. It needs a kickstart to start and has a CDI ignition. The suspension has a hydraulic front fork and a rear Mono-shock, and the brakes use disc brakes on both sides.
Seat height: 28 inches
Weight: 122 pounds


This type of 110cc Motor bike is sportier and has a racing muffler, a cool wheel with a hub that looks like it’s for professionals, two disc brakes, and a special gas cap. It comes in six different colors. The bike has a 29-inch seat and is more comfortable to ride because it has a new design. The front tire is 12 inches and the rear tire is 10 inches.
Seat height: 28 inches
Weight: 132 pounds


110cc Motorcycles Tao DB10 has a 6.4-horsepower, 110cc, four-stroke engine. You start it with a button, and it has an automatic clutch. The bike has full suspension and a front disc brake. The wheels are 10 inches, and the bike is made for smaller riders who are just starting.

Final Thoughts

Kawasaki KLX110R is a top choice for riders of all levels. Its strong 112cc engine provides plenty of power for enjoyable rides, while the 4-speed transmission makes shifting easy. With reliable drum brakes and smooth suspension, it offers a safe and comfortable experience. The sturdy steel frame ensures durability, and the lightweight design allows for easy handling. Plus, with options like Lime Green or Battle Gray, it’s customizable to your style. Overall, it’s a great bike for fun adventures.

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